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PRODUCT: Kiddy Grade, Vol #2, Pieces of the Past DVD

Product Type:DVD

Product Description:

Genre: Science Fiction / Action (Age Rating 13+)

Format: DVD (Region 1, 2 & 4)

Length: Vol #1-5: 75 Minutes

Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/

English Subtitles and English Dubbed

Release: Funimation

As ES Force Members, Eclair and Lumiere are used to tracking and arresting the intergalactic criminal element. Their latest assignments are no exception. A high speed reactor capable of turning an ordinary human into a super being has been stolen! And to make matters worse, the two heroes get caught up in a terrible battle for supremacy between rival gangs that threaten the lives of innocent children. The only chance for survival may be through help of their greatest rivals... and fellow ES Force comrades.

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